Xinrontube, Pharmaceutical Tube Manufacturer from China

About Xinrontube
Manufacturing site is
1,500 square meters
annual capacities
100 million pieces
aluminum ointment tubes manufacturer
Guangzhou Xinron Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical packaging company established in September 2019. It has an office and factory facility of 1,500 square meters, and plans three automatic production lines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical aluminum tubes. These lines perform tasks from aluminum tube extruding to internal lacquering, surface coating, roll printing, capping, latex lining, and automatic counting for carton packaging. Its set up is designed for clean production at all levels for its workshop and laboratory facilities. Each production line can produce 36 million qualified aluminum tubes annually. Medicinal aluminum tubes are made to the specified diameters of 13.5 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm --four specifications. The tubes conform to the aluminum tube packaging container industry standards and national standards, and can be made according to customer's requirements.
aluminum ointment tubes manufacturer
Staff with 20-year experience
in tube manufacturing.
DMF and FDA compliant to
produce pharmaceutical tubes.
Xinron has acquired production licenses for making medicinal aluminum tubes. Three automatic production lines contained within cleanroom are constructed specifically for making pharmaceutical tubes. Our team members, with over 20 years of tube making experiences, aspire to supply high quality pharmaceutical aluminum tube packaging container as one of the outstanding suppliers in the industry. Xinrontube factory follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Tubes are made in accordance with industrial standards and national standards, including BS EN 13046:2000 and YB 00162002-2015. Xinron is also filing for TYPE III DMFs at FDA, looking to comply with international standards on pharmaceutical packaging material.
Tubes are made to order
for pharmaceutical industries.
From production to logistics,
we work to your satisfaction!
aluminum ointment tubes manufacturer
Xinrontube has the following advantages:
1. Automatic production lines to save cost and to ensure quality
2. High-efficiency production plans to ensure prompt delivery
3. Management and technical staff have 20-year experiences in tube making industry
Professionalism and passion are creeds in the company's business dealings. Xinron looks to build long-term partnership with clients in the global market, including but not limited to South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Xinron is committed to serving pharmaceutical industries and to making contribution to the human society.
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