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Guangzhou Xinron Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical packaging company founded in September 2019.  It was underwritten by Guangzhou Shin Dorn Plastic Toy Co., Ltd. at the cost of 12M RMB, with an initial mandate to invest in new state-of-the-art automatic mass production machinery and to use a built-in integrated information system to automate the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.
The principal founders, who consisted of Scott Lee, Ron Wu, and Alex Dai,  banded together with the mutual goal of becoming the leading pharmaceutical aluminum tube manufacturer in China. By teaming together and combining their vast experience and proven abilities, they have already successfully built several automatic mass production lines. All of which resulted in the on-time delivery of superior quality products.  Consequently, they enjoy a renowned reputation not only in China but throughout the global packaging community. Nearly twenty-years of solid teamwork has indeed resulted in the creation of this indomitable threesome force within the pharmaceutical packaging world. 



High production capability.
Automated production lines.
Clean production environment.

The company has a combined office and factory facility that comprises 1,500 square meters with three automatic production lines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical-grade aluminum tubes. Each separate line includes tasks such as aluminum tube extrusion, internal lacquering, surface coating, roll printing, capping, latex lining, and automatic counting for carton packaging. The automated system allows a variety of machinery with different functions to operate in perfect unison from the first point of extrusion to the final step of the packaging process - totally hands-off. The system allows for the smooth mass-production of an average of 90 pieces per minute, running at 24 hours a day. It is designed for clean production at all levels, from the individual workshops to the laboratory facilities. Each production line is capable of producing 36 million aluminum tubes annually. Medicinal aluminum tubes come in four different specified diameters including 13.5 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm. The entire production process is designed for producing a superior product without human intrusion. Thus keeping the container surfaces contamination-free through the utilization of both a CCD photo-electrical inspection computer system and automated packing machinery.



Well equipped.
Various product categories.
Provide OEM /ODM services.
ISO8 class cleanroom setting.


Our laboratory facility is specially designed for testing products produced in an ISO8 class cleanroom setting. It consists of various functional test instruments and equipment such as a bio-safety cabinet, a programmable temperature and humidity chamber, a Laminar flow bench, and more. It is continually staffed by a professional bio-engineer assigned to operate the test equipment. Compatibility and stability tests are necessary before proceeding with an order to ensure the ointment is suitable for aluminum tube containers. We not only focus on the packaging of traditional ointments, lotions, and creams but are also able to offer the packaging of high-risk pharmaceutical ointments such as spongarion, scald ointment, strapping plaster, and others. The packaging tubes conform to the standards set forth by the aluminum tube container industry as well as to many other national standards (e.g., EU, US, Canada, Australia …). They can be custom manufactured according to the customer's requirements.




Legal compliance.
Welcome to the factory 
for verification.


Our paramount goal is to comply with all existing regulations, laws, policies, and directives within China and throughout the industrial packaging world. Because the bulk of our customers are pharmaceutical companies, transparency is an invaluable requisite that Xinrontube provides to every single client without fail. We welcome potential clients to schedule a visit to our factory to view our state-of-the-art production facilities and to peruse through our available records.



Win-win cooperation.
Strive to be the industry benchmark.

By providing superior products at a reasonable cost, Xinrontube strives to build long-term partnerships with clients throughout the global marketplace, including but not limited to, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. GXPPC is continually committed to helping raise the global standards within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. All while simultaneously dedicating ourselves to the mission of promoting a cleaner, healthier physical environment for the enjoyment of all.



Xinrontube offers the following advantages to its clients:
**   ISO8 cleanrooms - The use of the highest-rated cleanroom environment available to include the manufacture of high-risk ointment packaging containers.
**  Transparency - The strict adherence to all current operational regulations in China and internationally, with full access to past inspection and evaluation reports.
**  Quality control at its perfection - The use of a high-efficiency CCD photo-electric detection system to strictly monitor the quality control  process continually.  
**  Touchless procedure - The employment of a no direct-human-contact capability through the utilization of a computer-oriented detection system and automatic packing apparatuses.